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Empowering People Through Human-Centered Technologies

At the Institute for People & Technology (IPaT), we connect Georgia Tech researchers and a network of industry, government and nonprofit partners to create game-changing ideas and new technologies that drive economic growth and empower people.


Everyday, our interdisciplinary teams of computer scientists, system scientists, and engineers collaborate with doctors, designers, teachers, government officials, architects and others to change our community and our world. Through living laboratories and multidisciplinary projects, we tackle and solve society’s most pressing problems.

IPaT focuses on five main areas of research: health, media, education, humanitarian systems and enterprise transformation. We maximize the impact of our research through a “3T” approach:


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The Institute for People and Technology (IPaT) connects industry, government and non profit leaders with Georgia Tech researchers to maximize the societal impact of the Institute's research in Health, Education, Media, Humanitarian Systems and Enterprise Transformation. IPaT Brochure

IPaT Research Digest

The IPaT Research Digest is a bi-annual collection of summaries from a selected set of our faculty publications. Although it’s only a small sample of our research, the digest showcases Georgia Tech’s thought leadership in scholarly journals and research conferences. 2015 Research Digest

IPaT Annual Reports

2014 Annual Report
2013 Annual Report
2012 Annual Report