Augmented Reality: Qualcomm Game Studio & Argon

Blair MacIntyre is changing the way Georgia Tech students, faculty, and staff see the world as the director of both the Qualcomm Augmented Reality Game Studio and the Argon project.

MacIntyre, an associate professor of Interactive Computing, helps students expand their creativity in video game development as the director of the Qualcomm Augmented Reality Game Studio. Located in Georgia Tech’s GVU Center, the research and design studio brings together students from Georgia Tech’s Augmented Environments Lab and from the Interactive Design and Game Development Program at Savannah College of Art and Design’s Atlanta campus (SCAD-Atlanta) to pioneer new advancements in mobile gaming and interactive media. The students use Qualcomm’s augmented reality platforms and related graphics technologies to produce applications and prototypes that make this new technology accessible for general audiences.

One of MacIntyre’s largest projects to date, Argon, brings the power of augmented reality to users on their mobile devices. One of the first augmented reality web browsers designed for the iPhone, Argon allows users to create, distribute, and experience mobile augmented reality using the same tools, skills, and technologies employed to create and deliver websites. This technology gives individuals the ability to customize their experiences by creating channels that contain information about the tasks they undertake or places they visit. Individuals who create their own customized channels can then share that data, giving other individuals additional layers of content about a topic or place of interest that can help them navigate a new area or make more informed decisions. “Our goal is to provide a foundation for millions of Web developers to begin writing applications so they can provide users with new experiences that are unique to the world of AR,” said MacIntyre. “Basically, we want to move the Web into the world.”