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Areas of Expertise: E-accessibility, higher education policy, e-government, digital government, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Communications Policy, Public Policy, Disability and Accessibility Policy, online and virtual communities, telework, e-learning, virtual collaboration, open source, communities of practice.
Title: Principal Research Scientist and Senior Director of Research
Affiliation: Center for Advanced Communications Policy (CACP)
Areas of Expertise: Machine learning in robotics and in finance, including trading and fund management, multi-agent and multi-robot systems, collaborative robot behavior, social insect behavior
Title: Associate Professor
Affiliation: School of Interactive Computing
Rahul Basole
Areas of Expertise: Management of transformative IT innovation, analysis and design of converging ecosystems, extended enterprises in mobile telecommunications, biotechnology, healthcare, and global manufacturing
Title: Associate Professor
Affiliation: School of Interactive Computing
Areas of Expertise: Information and communication technologies for social, economic and political development, especially in developing countries
Title: Associate Professor
Affiliation: School of International Affairs
Areas of Expertise: Multicomputer architecture, dependable computer systems, operating systems and middleware, computer systems security
Title: Professor
Affiliation: School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Areas of Expertise: Computational analysis and decision support for design, operation and transformation of systems and enterprises.
Title: Senior Research Engineer
Affiliation: Tennenbaum Institute
Areas of Expertise: Videogame criticism, videogame rhetoric, and visualization, including game design and educational, persuasive, and political speech in games
Title: Professor
Affiliation: School of Literature, Media and Communication
Areas of Expertise: Augmented Reality design, digital media for education and entertainment, history of media, social media
Title: Professor
Affiliation: School of Literature, Media, and Communication
Areas of Expertise: Health Informatics, electronic management of patient records, health information exchange
Title: Professor of the Practice
Affiliation: School of Interactive Computing
Areas of Expertise: Computational Social Science, Cognitive Science, Cognitive Psychology (Categorization, Learning, Visual Perception), Social Network Analysis, Social Media Analytics, Behavioral Modeling, Terrorism, Anomaly Detection
Title: Senior Research Scientist
Affiliation: Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI)
Areas of Expertise: Environmental design issues related to accessibility and investigating assessment methodologies that measure the environment’s impact on activity and participation
Title: Research Scientist
Affiliation: Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access (CATEA)
Areas of Expertise: Online communities, educational technology, social computing
Title: Professor
Affiliation: School of Interactive Computing