Current Funding Opportunities

IPaT values our partnership with Georgia Tech researchers, and one of our goals is to assist in finding funding opportunities tailored to our diverse research community. We will provide information about upcoming proposals from various agencies, as well as links to popular funding sites that are easily accessible to our research community. Proposal support is also available through our proposal support team:

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June - July 2017
IPaT Research Reminder: 
Federal RePORTER

When we first started to include this section in our IPaT monthly newsletter, there was a piece on the use of the Federal RePORTER tool. Recently (June 6th Blog), Dr. Micheal Laurer – NIH’s Deputy Director for Extramural Research wrote an article on the importance of this tool to the scientific community – prospective applicants and awardees. He stated, “I often shared the NIH RePORTER resource as a tool for exploring the research topics NIH supports. Learning what projects we support, using a robust database of historical and newly-funded projects (updated weekly), provides researchers valuable insight as they consider developing their own research programs and applications for funding” (Laurer, 2017). This resource and many others are available to equip researchers to successfully navigate the proposal process and prepare meritorious proposals.  For more on this tool, please visit the NIH website for the full content of Laurer's article.


Stand Up to Cancer (SU2C)

Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) is inviting proposals for a new $10 million Dream Team of top scientific investigators searching for new strategies to prevent or treat cancer.

The Gerber Foundation

The Gerber Foundation’s mission focuses on infants and young children. Accordingly, priority is given to projects that improve the nutrition, care and development of infants and young children from the first year before birth to three years of age.

Towards a Leadership-Class Computing Facility - Phase 1

NSF invites proposals for the acquisition and deployment of a High Performance Computing (HPC) system, called the Phase 1 system, with the option of a possible future upgrade to a leadership-class computing facility.

Increasing the Participation and Advancement of Women in Academic Science and Engineering Careers (ADVANCE)

The ADVANCE program is designed to foster gender equity through a focus on the identification and elimination of organizational barriers that impede the full participation and advancement of all women faculty in academic institutions.

High Performance Superconducting Qubit Systems (HiPS)

The U.S. Army Research Office (ARO) in collaboration with the National Security Agency (NSA) is soliciting proposals for research in High Performance Superconducting Qubit Systems.