Digital Building Lab 2017-18 Grant Program Announcement and Call for Proposals

The Digital Building Laboratory offers 1 year grants to promote research that furthers the ambitions of digitally enabled design, construction and operations of buildings and civil infrastructure. Recent grants have supported research in: interoperability standards and exchanges, applications of BIM to construction and facilities management, digital fabrication, virtual reality and others. Grants are open to all Georgia Tech faculty and students. 

This year’s program encourages cross-campus collaborations connecting with expertise beyond the traditional AEC programs, including proposals by researchers from computer science, robotics, computer vision, or human / computer interaction; system engineering; logistics and supply chain engineering; data sciences and machine learning; and materials science, and joint proposals with College of Design or Civil Engineering. Award numbers and amounts are dependent on funding from DBL partners, but past years’ programs have totaled $100,000-$150,000 in amounts between $10,000 and $40,000.

Applications should provide a brief (1-3 page) abstract and application, using the template found at, describing:

·         Name(s) and position(s) of the investigators

·         The problem background, nature of proposed research

·         Any related work or anticipated additional funding from other sources that will complement the proposed research and funding

·         Specific anticipated outcomes of the research such as: conference publication, course or workshop, open source software, etc.

·         Amount of funding requested and budget breakdown


A short one paragraph expression of interest is due by Monday, March 27.

Applications should be sent to by 12:00 AM Monday, April 17.

Questions and proposal communications should be sent to


Selected applications will be invited to provide a short presentation on the proposed work at the DBL member’s meeting in May.