Conference: Advancing a Research Network for Sustainable Urban Infrastructure

Urban infrastructure - electricity, natural gas, water, wastewater, transportation, buildings, and more - is long-lasting. It strongly influences the people, environment, and communities in which they are embedded. This conference brings together diverse experts and practitioners to develop new approaches to urban sustainability. Research disciplines include infrastructure ecology, biologically inspired design, complex systems, and mega-scale computation. Practitioner approaches include corporate sustainability, community-based equity and justice, and technology platforms for economic transformation.

The following topics, adapted from the National Science Foundation report, Sustainable Urban Systems: Articulating a Long-term Convergence Research Agenda, will form the framework for discussion.

  • How do systems interact?
  • Theories of change
  • Sustainability assessment science
  • Modeling the future
  • Knowledge co-production among researchers, communities, industry groups, practitioners, and governments at multiple scales

This conference is one of 28 Sustainable Urban Systems Conference and Workshop Awards that are being held across the country this summer as NSF explores concepts for potential Sustainable Urban Systems Research Networks.

Hosted at Georgia Tech. More details here...

Event Details


    Georgia Tech Campus


  • Thursday, August 15, 2019