Disaster Response and Mitigation Forum

Through our keynote and two panel sessions, we are bringing together governmental experts, policy makers, researchers, and decision makers from the public and private sector to share current efforts, research, and new problems identified in the space of disaster and humanitarian response.

The goal for the Forum relates to understanding ways in which to advance science and technology to improve disaster response. The Forum will feature two panels including federal, state and local agency representatives, as well as speakers from NGOs, industry, and academic researchers.

Topics we will explore include:

  • the current state of the art practices and strategies for disaster response and mitigation
  • ongoing research and technology development to support and enhance our current capabilities
  • the role of community in response
  • the gaps and opportunities to improve response systems, and
  • understanding the ways in which to advance science and technology to improve response and mitigation.

Through this limited engagement, stakeholders will share, learn, and build problem solving coalitions against the many new and rapidly emerging population-level problems affecting our country and the world at-large. We will follow up with a networking reception featuring a poster session at the end of our day.

Please visit the event website to learn more about speakers, the poster session, and how to register for free.


Event Details


    The Garage @ Square on Fifth, 848 Spring Street NW Atlanta, GA 30308


  • Wednesday, April 27, 2016
    12:30 pm - 6:00 pm