Healthcare Design of the Future 2016 Showcase: Designing to Improve ICU and Biocontainment Care


Thursday, December 8, 2016
5:00pm - 7:30pm

Reception sponsored by BSA LifeStructures

SimTigrate Design Lab, Georgia Tech
828 West Peachtree, Suite 334
Atlanta, GA 30332

Note: Enter from the rear on 5th St opposite
Starbucksoff Lot 6, next to the Parking Office

Eight multidisciplinary teams will present their solutions for ICU and Biocontainment Unit care:

Zip and Go: Decreasing the risk of contamination and minimizing the time to remove personal protective suits through a simplified design that allows shrugging off the suite
Jennifer Coppola, Anela Holdaway, Zixuang Wang, Yuancao Zhao
VISIONAIRE: A multifunctional OLED display glass wall that allows in-person and digital communication between patients and their visitor in ICUs and Biocontainment units (BCUs). Strategically placed between the patient room and the adjacent visitors room, this architectural solution enables real-time contact for all.
Jordan Calovich, Adriana Perez-Leyva, Allison Li, Vikas Luthra
Zzz with Ease: Improving sleep quality of patients in the ICU and BCU by providing real-time, multi-modal feedback on sleep state using a cost-effective, non-invasive EEG system placed behind the ear, coupled with a novel care provider-system interface that allows all to understand the sleep state of the patient and when they will have completed restorative sleep.
Beatrix Balogh, Aditi Dhar, Amy Foertsch, Chenan Ni
TEAM PortAll 
PortAll: A portable, fast-installation temporary ante room for unexpected biocontainment emergencies to isolate a preexisting ICU rooms.
Jack Bordoni, Melanie D'Souza, Julianne McCallum, Lauren Zuccarello
bcUV: Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation to mitigate contamination risk in BCU settings through improved hand sanitation methods using Ultraviolet Light.
Victoria Huhta, Mayuri Rajput, Lana Scott, Shelly Saville
BioCollect: Waste collector with easy volume reading and chemical dispensing lid that attaches to a bedside commode for sanitary treatment and measurement of contaminated waste.
Raianna Brown, Navi Japra, Jake Sebring, Victor Zhang
Watch Me Grow: Visualizing achievement in the recovery process with an interactive, achievement-tracking application that metaphorically visualizes progress.
Frank Johnson, Natalie Leonard, Zhangyan Ling, Laurane Saliou
LetLight: A smart, dynamic system that allows you to control ICU and Biocontainment room lighting, improving its functionality and making it circadian, using the new LetLight application by making a few adjustments to the hospital room's lighting system.
Katie Butler, Ashley Paek, Lakshmi Ravindrababu, Elisa Zhu

Craig Zimring, Architecture; David Cowan, Industrial Design; Kem Jayanetra, Architecture
Georgia Tech: Paul Griffin, PhD; Melissa Murphy, PhD
Emory Healthcare: Jeremy Ackerman, MD, PhD; Susan R Baker, RN; Jill Morgan, RN, BSN; David Murphy, MD, PhD; Melissa Owen PhD, RN, CCTC; Imelda Reyes DNP, MPH, RN, CPNP-PC, FNP-BC; Susan Shapiro, RN, PhD;
Suzanne L. Staebler DNP, APRN, NNP-BC, FAANP; Olga Turner, BSN, MSN
HKS Architects: Robert Farrow, AIA
Piedmont Hospital: Christie Hunt, RN; Amanda Mewborn, RN, MHS
Steelcase Health: Michelle Ossmann, RN, MSN, PhD

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    SimTigrate Design Lab, Georgia Tech 828 West Peachtree, Suite 334 Atlanta, GA 30332


  • Thursday, December 8, 2016
    5:00 pm - 7:30 pm