IPaT Thursday Think Tank: Wearable Tech in Georgia Tech Athletics

Moderator: Carla Gilson, Georgia Tech Athletics, Associate Director of Sports Medicine

Within Georgia Tech Athletics, there are key departments (IT, academics, sports medicine, player development and nutrition/life skills) who interface with student-athletes, teams, coaches and each other daily. From performance and assessment analytics solutions to communication platforms, departments and sports teams are constantly gathering data, searching for efficiency solutions and identifying ways to implement solutions. This ongoing process is designed to ensure that our student-athletes are equipped for competition in the classroom and on the field. Furthermore, many of our teams are currently using wearables to track performance data without a means to analyze or interpret the data.

At this Think Tank, our goal is to identify solutions and brainstorm how we can incorporate and use wearable technology or other forms of interactive media within Georgia Tech Athletics. 

The Thursday Think Tank is a weekly gathering of the IPaT community to brainstorm about research and stay informed about the work that everyone is doing. This is an informal gathering where the moderator kicks off the weekly topic, but everyone is encouraged to join the discussion.

Ideas for future Thursday Think Tanks? Send comments or suggestions to Russ Clark (russ.clark@gatech.edu) or Maribeth Gandy (maribeth@imtc.gatech.edu)

Event Details


    Institute for People and Technology, 75 5th Street NW Suite 600, Atlanta, GA 30308


  • Thursday, February 23, 2017
    4:00 pm - 5:00 pm