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Mynatt Honored at ACM Awards Banquet While Sporting Wearable Tech Wrap
The world’s leading computing society has honored IPaT Executive Director Beth Mynatt for her significant contribution to the development and application of computing.  Read More
Mynatt Named Chair of Computing Community Consortium
The Computing Community Consortium (CCC) has named Beth Mynatt as its Chair for a two year term beginning July 1. The prestigious group based in Washington, DC catalyzes the computing research community in the pursuit of innovative, impactful research. Dr. Mynatt is a Professor in the Georgia Tech School of Interactive Computing, and is Executive Director of Georgia Tech's Institute for People and Technology.  Read More
Decoding Your Dog Using Wearable Technology
Remember the old Dr. Dolittle stories? A doctor discovers he has the ability to talk to and understand animals. While humans can’t yet decipher animal language, researchers have found a way to bridge the gap of communication using wearable technology.  Read More