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IPaT Hosts Annual Faculty Retreat
For a fifth year, IPaT hosted its Annual Faculty Retreat. IPaT executive director Beth Mynatt opened the retreat with an overview of our recent initiatives.  Read More
The Next Evolution of Agriculture Technology
Georgia Tech’s Wearable Computing Center, along with the University of Georgia, and agriculture tech startup TekWear have received a grant to study the use of drones and wearable technology in farming. The first-of-its-kind grant from the Georgia Department of Agriculture and the USDA evaluates how farmers and crop consultants can use these technologies to improve production in specialty crops such as pecans.  Read More
IBMs Watson Joins Georgia Tech to Solve Complex Problems
When you have a quick question, how do you find the answer? Probably by consulting an Internet search engine like Google, right? It’s fast, and if you find a reliable source, provides tried and true answers. But when scientists and engineers face complex problems, they sometimes need more innovative solutions, something that’s never before been considered.  Read More