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Georgia Tech faculty and staff speaking at ARC’s ConnectATL Summit
On Friday, September 22, the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) will host ConnectATL, a day-long summit bringing together city and county government officials, local transportation experts, and mobility industry leaders to discuss the opportunities and challenges brought about by rapid advancements in transportation technology.  Read More
Jennifer Clark and Thomas Lodato
Smart Data Revolution
Georgia Tech faculty researchers are gathering data about safety, how people travel, and even how taxpayer money is spent, all in an effort to improve the quality of life for residents.  Read More
Debra Lam
IPaT Spotlight: Debra Lam
When Debra Lam joined Georgia Tech in January, she hit the ground running. Within the first few months of becoming the Institute’s managing director of its newly-created smart cities and inclusive innovation initiative, she developed meaningful partnerships at the campus, local, national and even international levels.  Read More