Language Determines Success on Kickstarter

How do people decide which projects to fund on the global crowdfunding website Kickstarter? The language used in the project is shown to affect whether or not a project meets its funding goal. Researcher Eric Gilbert analyzed more than 45,000 Kickstarter projects and found that successful campaigns were often associated with certain phrases. The phrase "also receives two" was linked to the most succesful campaigns, meaning, offering a gift in return for a pledge. They also found that failed campaigns revealed key words and phrases. "Not been able" was the phrase most associated with a campaign's failure. The main conclusion from the study is that Kickstarter project creators have control over how they pitch their projects, and ultimately the campaign's success.

Mitra, Tanushree, and Eric Gilbert. “The language that gets people to give: Phrases that predict success on kickstarter.” In Proceedings of the 17th ACM conference on Computer supported cooperative work & social computing, pp. 49-61. ACM, 2014.