The Move Lab: A STEAM Community of Learners

The purpose of this study is to see how a community of learners evolve during a STEAM project coupling engineering, computer science, and dance. The Move Lab will bring together choreographers, dancers, engineers, and computer scientists to work with about 20 high school girls to create an interactive technology enhanced dance performance. Given the opportunity to work closely with dancers and engineers, we hope the high school girls will develop an understanding of these professions.

We want to explore an informal learning environment that brings art and technology together. The high school girls will have the opportunity to help design all parts of the performance, including set design, choreography, costume and prop design. The performance is reliant on a collective effort.

The Move Lab will take place over a five-day workshop. The sessions will include engaging activities and interactive lessons in dance, choreography, and micro-controller programming.

The Move Lab was conducted by Kayla DesPortes and Monet Spells, with advisement from Dr. Betsy DiSalvo. LEARN MORE