Students Participate in Record Numbers in Spring CIC

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Team KeyMat

Students Participate in Record Numbers in Spring CIC

Alyson Powell
April 18, 2016
A standing desk mat that promotes health and wellness was the big winner at the Spring 2016 Convergence Innovation Competition, which focused on connected living.

KeyMat uses touch sensors to determine where and for how long users have been standing. It then takes this information, along with the user’s weight and height, to approximately calculate how many calories they have burned. Studies show that standing throughout the day can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, as well as burn an extra 300-350 calories.

The project, developed by Georgia Tech students David Howard, Alfonso Soldevilla, and Veronica Young, won two awards—1st place in the Connected Home category and Universal Design.

“We wanted to create something that was helpful but didn't interrupt a person's workflow,” said industrial design major Veronica Young. “We did some research on standing desks and realized that there was a potential hole in the market.”

The CIC is a semester-long event dedicated to helping students create innovative and viable products and experiences with the support of campus resources and industry guidance. The competition is open to Georgia Tech students from every class and discipline. A record-breaking 36 teams and 180 students participated in the Spring 2016 CIC.

"We had more than 180 students from a diverse set of majors across campus who participated this year. It is always exciting to see the wide range of ideas from such a broad group of talented young minds," said Russ Clark, director of GT-RNOC.

 v(VIEW: Photos from the Spring 2016 Convergence Innovation Competition

IPaT and the Georgia Tech Research Network Operations Center (GT-RNOC) hosted a live demo and judging event on April 12th for participants. Here are the winners in each of the CIC categories:

Connected Home
1st place – KeyMat, a standing desk mat that promotes health and wellness
Team: David Howard, Alfonso Soldevilla, and Veronica Young

2nd place – Ann, an intelligent voice assistant for the kitchen
Team: Murtaza Dhuliawala, Mike Lee, Animesh Mehta, Lalith Polepeddi

Connected Car
1st place – Mogean, a toolset that enables businesses to drive more effective marketing, loyalty, service delivery, and business decisions
Team: Brianna Przybysz Zajicek

2nd place – Trapp, a personal, one stop travel companion application
Team: Nisheeth Bandaru, Taufiq Dhanani, Shuli Liu, Wei Yang Quek, Sreshta Vijayaraghavan

Connected Communities
1st place – Attend-O, a classroom attendance-taking system that uses Georgia Tech’s built-in Wi-Fi network to locate a student’s device
Team: Nikhil Howlett, Ambrose Cheung, Ryan Chiang, Pranav Bhardwaj, Sriram Ganesan

2nd place — Hermes, a wellness app to detect heart rate anomalies and falls
Team: Ankita Lamba, Humberto Nieves, Johnny Skandalakis

The CIC is an industry supported and directed venture, and this year Verizon Wireless sponsored the competition. RERC TechSAge sponsored a Universal Design category recognizing the entry with the best design principles. For a third semester, students from Georgia Tech-Lorraine are also participating in the CIC. Their judging and demo event is on April 19th on the GTL campus.

GT-RNOC and IPaT produce the CIC. To learn more, visit:
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