October Events: Dolphin Communication, Wearable Computing Center Forum and GVU Research Showcase

October Events: Dolphin Communication, Wearable Computing Center Forum and GVU Research Showcase

Alyson Powell
October 2, 2015
The future of wearable computing and other technology is the focus of three events happening this month. 

IPaT Distinguished Lecture, Dolphin Communication: Cracking the Code
On October 20th, IPaT and the College of Computing will host the first IPaT Distinguished Lecture, Dolphin Communication: Cracking the Code. Scientists have struggled to understand dolphin vocalizations, but new computer tools to both track dolphins and decode their complex vocalizations are now emerging. Dr. Denise Herzing has been studying Atlantic spotted dolphins, Stenella frontalis, in the Bahamas for over three decades. Her video and acoustic database encompasses a myriad of complex vocalizations and dolphin behavior. Dr. Thad Starner works on mining this dataset and decoding dolphin sounds, and has created a wearable underwater computer, CHAT (Cetacean Hearing and Telemetry), to help establish a bridge for communication between humans and dolphins. Starner and Herzing will present this cutting-edge work and recent results, including perspectives on the challenges of studying this aquatic society, and decoding their communication signals using the latest technology.
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The next day on October 21st, two more events related to wearable computing and future technology – The Georgia Tech Wearable Computing Center Forum, and the GVU Fall Research Showcase.

Georgia Tech Wearable Computing Center Forum
Following last year’s success, the Wearable Computing Center Forum is now an annual endeavor. The WCC Forum is an opportunity to hear from pioneers in wearable technology about the state of the art in the field. Experts in important application areas will also speak to how wearable technology might help solve problems unique to these areas; healthcare or wearables in the workplace for example.

The forum keynote speaker is Brian Ballard, CEO & Co-Founder of APX Labs where he is working on the next industrial revolution - using smart glasses to create powerful ways for the workforce to interact with the digital and physical world. Brian has been on the forefront of developing software solutions that enable revolutionary new scenarios for smart glasses in the enterprise.

Talented and multi-strumentalist Rhò will perform at the forum. He studied music extensively when he was growing up thanks to a kindly uncle who saved him from playing football every night with the other kids. Born Rocco Centrella, the young maverick has a unique relationship with sound. Balance is key to the work of Rhò, whose voice travels to some unusual and very Italian harmonic vistas, mixing folk and electronic.

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GVU Fall Research Showcase

What will be the next great innovation in wearable computing, mobile apps, and digital design? Explore and interact with future technology at the GVU Fall Research Showcase. Experience a hands-on vision of the ideas and applications that you may carry in your pocket or use in the workspace in the future. Test drive many of the 80+ demos including: the latest social media research, artificial intelligence that crowdsources plots for interactive stories, and computational remixing of hip hop.

More info about the GVU Fall Research Showcase
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