Mynatt and Clark Invited to White House Conference on Science and Technology

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Mynatt and Clark Invited to White House Conference on Science and Technology

Alyson Powell
October 13, 2016
On October 13th, President Obama hosted a day-long conference that brought together researchers, business leaders, technologists, philanthropists, local innovators, and students to discuss building U.S. capacity in science and technology. Also in attendance at the invitation-only White House Frontiers Conference in Pittsburgh were IPaT Executive Director Beth Mynatt and Georgia Tech Center for Urban Innovation Director Jennifer Clark.

Attendees participated in a national conversation about keeping America on the cutting edge of innovation in the decades to come, and shared work already in progress. The conference included the participation of more than 700 innovators from across academia, industry, government, and civil society, who discussed different frontiers of innovation, including:

* Personal frontiers in health care innovation and precision medicine

* Global frontiers in accelerating the clean energy revolution and developing advanced climate information, tools, services, and collaborations

* Interplanetary frontiers in space exploration, including our journey to Mars

Mynatt participated in the National Frontiers track, where attendees discussed harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence, including data science, machine learning, automation, and robotics. Meanwhile, Clark attended the Local Frontiers track, which focused on building smart, inclusive communities, including through investments in open data and the Internet of Things.

The White House also announced new research partnerships and a $300 million investment in research initiatives that reflected the frontiers discussed at the conference.

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IPaT Executive Director Beth Mynatt
Center for Urban Innovation Director Jennifer Clark

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