Spring 2017 Convergence Innovation Competition Invitation

Spring 2017 Convergence Innovation Competition Invitation

March 1, 2017

Please help us spread the word about the 16th edition of the Convergence Innovation Competition (CIC), now underway. The CIC is a great opportunity for all Georgia Tech students to showcase their work in the following categories:‚Äč

  • Lifelong Health and Wellbeing
  • Smart Cities and Healthy Communities
  • Socio-Technical Systems and Human-Technology Frontier Innovation


More information about the categories and the CIC can be found on the CIC website.

Entries can be based on research, hobbies, as well as current or past class projects. All students at Georgia Tech are invited to compete! The CIC is a great opportunity to meet like-minded students, build a viable end to end running prototype, and explore commercialization, not to mention networking with other students and partners from industry.

The deadline for entries is April 7th 2017 and the Finalists Showcase will be held on April 11th, where a select group judges from industry, government, and the campus will be on hand to provide their feedback on selected the winning entries.

Please forward this to your student classes and research groups and have them contact the staff (rnoc-lab-staff@lists.gatech.edu) if there are any questions or if they need assistance preparing their entries.

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