Platforms and Services for Socio-Technical Systems

Through our socio-technical systems research, IPaT is merging physical and digital worlds with complex data analytic and communication capabilities. We are building new network infrastructure technologies with the goal of creating connected systems that support communities. IPaT is also leveraging the wealth of expertise across Georgia Tech's colleges and schools, as well as partner institutions, to understand and enable fundamental change of complex enterprise systems.

Featured Projects

The mission of the Tennenbaum Institute (TI) is to provide knowledge and skills for enterprise transformation – fundamental change of complex organizational systems.  Read More
School of Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISyE) Professor Julie Swann, Associate Professor Nicoleta Serban, and Ph.D. student Pravara Harati have analyzed six years of Medicaid claims for every child in ten U.S. states to compare the differences in cost for different types of patients based on their level of health and income. They found that healthy children are actually 50 to 60 percent of the total cost in the Medicaid system in Georgia for example.  Read More
Researchers at Georgia Tech and Florida International University (FIU) have launched the AtlanticWave SDX project to develop a network controller that will prioritize and route large amounts of data on research and education networks without slowing down the internet for everyone else.  Read More