Previous Pediatric Research Center Pilot Grants


Center for Transforming Pediatric Healthcare Delivery (CTPHD)

Development of a Predictive Clinical Model for Concussion Recovery in Children And Adolescents Who Experience Persistent Concussion Symptoms
Michelle C. LaPlaca, PhD (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Barbara Weissman, MD (Emory University)
May Wang, PhD (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Determination of the Barriers to the Application of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation for the Cure of Sickle Cell Disease
Lakshmanan Krishnamurti, MD (Emory University)
Nicoleta Serban PhD (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Assessing Quality of Care in a Community-Based Autism Clinic
Jennifer S. Singh, PhD, MPH (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Leslie Rubin, MD (Morehouse School of Medicine)

Phenotyping Medically Complex Patients
Jimeng Sun, PhD (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Javier Tejedor-Sojo, MD (Children's Healthcare of Atlanta)
Elizabeth Searles, MBA (Children's Healthcare of Atlanta)
James Bost, PhD (Children's Healthcare of Atlanta)


Center for Transforming Pediatric Healthcare Delivery (CTPHD)

Determination of the Appropriate Level of Preventive Dental Services for Children by Risk Status and Special Healthcare Needs                         

Paul Griffin, Ph.D. GT ISyE                          
Jack Thomas DDS, PC CHOA                       
Nicoleta Serban, Ph.D. GT ISyE

Transforming Pediatric Heart Transplant Rejection Care Using Integrated Analytics for Precision Medicine          
John H. Phan, Ph.D. GT   
May D. Wang, BME GT/Emory
William T. Mahle, M.D. CHOA
Kevin Maher, M.D., CHOA           
Ajay Bhatia, M.D., Ph.D. CHOA


Center for Transforming Pediatric Healthcare Delivery (CTPHD)

Automatic and Early Detection of IV Infiltration using Non-Invasive Sensing
Omer Inan, PhD, Georgia Tech
Russell McCrory, MS, Georgia Tech
Leanne West, MS, Georgia Tech
Renee Watson, BSN, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Lynn Pogue, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Optimization of the algorithms for screening for critical congenital heart disease
Pinar Keskinocak, PhD, Georgia Tech
Turgay Ayer, PhD, Georgia Tech
Matthew Oster, MD, MPH, Emory University (Pediatrics)
Scott Grosse, PhD, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Utilization of Diagnostic Radiology Reports by Pediatric Patients’ Family Members
Lauren Wilcox, PhD, Georgia Tech
Steven Simoneaux, MD, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Aarti Sekhar, MD, Emory University (Radiology)

Effectiveness of Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation in Virtual Reality Games for Improving Upper-Arm Function in Children with Cerebral Palsy
Yu-Ping Chen, ScD, Georgia State University
Barbara Weissman, MD, Emory University (Pediatrics) and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Ayanna Howard, PhD, Georgia Tech