At IPaT, the transformation of everyday life is well underway. Here, interdisciplinary teams of researchers, scientists, interaction designers, and engineers are collaborating with experts from every field of study to develop technologies that empower people from all walks of life.

IPaT has identified four core areas of research focus: Lifelong Health and Well-Being, Smart Cities and Inclusive Innovation, Platforms and Services for Socio-Technical Systems, and Shaping the Human Technology Frontier. The convergence of people and technology is revolutionizing these industry sectors, and IPaT brings together the right people and processes at the right time to transform blue sky ideas into real world solutions.
doctor examining a patient's ear
Lifelong Health and Well-Being
IPaT's continuum of healthcare research is working to promote and enable vibrant and lifelong physical and mental health. Accomplished scholars and clinicians work together to transform healthcare delivery systems by creating novel and easily accessible health and wellness technologies.
man using Google Glass wearable
Shaping the Human Technology Frontier
IPaT is shaping the human technology frontier by augmenting human capabilities at every level. We're exploring new ideas in user experiences that foster creativity, stimulate learning and enable productive collaboration.
computers in the city
Smart Cities and Inclusive Innovation
IPaT's work in this area focuses on the daily lives of communities - how they live, work and play. We are finding innovative approaches to shaping sustainable cities with research that thinks globally, while acting locally.
computer infrastructure
Platforms and Services for Socio-Technical Systems
Through our socio-technical systems research, IPaT is merging physical and digital worlds with complex data analytic and communication capabilities, and leveraging our wealth of expertise to understand and enable fundamental change of complex enterprise systems.