Virtual Teaching Assistant: Jill Watson

A human teaching assistant discusses "Jill Watson" (an AI teaching assistant). It has been said that Jill Watson is the most famous teaching assistant in the world. Jill's origin actually is quite humble. She was conceived in summer 2015 with the purpose of helping Georgia Tech's Online MS in CS Program (OMSCS) and specifically with my online course on knowledge-based artificial intelligence (KBAI) as a part of OMSCS program ( Jill had a very difficult birth in fall 2015. Jill was quite precocious almost from the beginning.
Project Name: 
Virtual Teaching Assistant: Jill Watson
Faculty Lead(s): 
Ashok Goel, David Joyner, Spencer Rugaber
Student Name(s): 
Ida Camacho, Aditi Dutta, Marissa Gonzales, Saloni Shah; Tesca Fitzgerald, David Joyner, Rochelle Lobo, Bryan Wiltgen, Gongbo Zhang
Main Contact: 
Ashok Goel
Lab Name: 
Design & Intelligence Laboratory