Wearable Technology Designer's Web Tool

The Wearable Technology Designer's Web Tool WTDWT is a tool that leads designers / developers through a series of questions about their wearable technology project. The questions are designed to force designers to think of all options at the beginning of a project, illuminating opportunities and shortcomings in accessibility cause by decisions along the way. As the designer makes selections pertaining to the purpose and interaction styles of their project a body map builds in real time showing where on the body the technology might best be placed. When all the questions are answered the tool creates a .pdf with the body map and all pertinent design and accessibility considerations for the project (including an extensive list of academic references for deeper research).




Project Name: 
Wearable Technology Designer's Web Tool
Faculty Lead(s): 
Clint Zeagler, Maribeth Gandy Coleman, Scott Robertson
Student Name(s): 
Rishabh Ghora, Rohan Bawa
Main Contact: 
Clint Zeagler
Lab Name: 
Institute for People and Technology & Wireless RERC