Transforming Education

The IPaT education initiative accelerates the transformation of education through innovations like open courseware, inverted classroom teaching, and individualized instruction. This spirit of experimentation allows educators and academics to strive for a real-world impact on curriculum, teachers, students, and programs.

Featured Education Projects

The desire to be a good student, while at the same time rejecting “geeky” subjects like computer science in order to save face among friends and family, can impact a student’s motivation to learn. To better understand this internal conflict faced by students, researchers studied African-American males in the Glitch Game Testers program.  Read More
The purpose of this study is to see how a community of learners evolve during a STEAM project coupling engineering, computer science, and dance. The Move Lab will bring together choreographers, dancers, engineers, and computer scientists to work with about 20 high school girls to create an interactive technology enhanced dance performance. Given the opportunity to work closely with dancers and engineers, we hope the high school girls will develop an understanding of these professions. Read More
When you have a quick question, how do you find the answer? Probably by consulting an Internet search engine like Google, right? It’s fast, and if you find a reliable source, provides tried and true answers. But when scientists and engineers face complex problems, they sometimes need more innovative solutions, something that’s never before been considered. Read More
How do you teach kids about unseen forces? For example, the force that causes a ball to roll down a ramp. Teachers use demonstrations, experiments, and of course textbooks. Now, Georgia Tech and Verizon Foundation want to add augmented reality to the list. Read More