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Areas of Expertise: Building information modeling, solids and parametric modeling, engineering databases, and product models and interoperability
Title: Professor
Affiliation: School of Architecture
Areas of Expertise: Driving human-centered concerns into core computing infrastructure, social impacts of computing technology, how technology can support the work of non-profits and NGOs
Title: Professor
Affiliation: Interactive Computing
Title: Assistant Professor
Affiliation: Interactive Computing
Title: Professor
Affiliation: School of Psychology
Areas of Expertise: Computing outreach for K-12 students and curriculum design for K-12
Title: Senior Research Scientist
Affiliation: School of Interactive Computing
Areas of Expertise: Computer vision and robotics, computer graphics and animation, computational photography and video, intelligent and aware environments, digital special effects, computational journalism, social computing
Title: Professor
Affiliation: School of Interactive Computing
Title: Principal Research Engineer
Affiliation: Georgia Tech Research Institute / Institute for People and Technology