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Title: Senior Research Scientist
Affiliation: Institute for People and Technology / Research Network Operations Center
Areas of Expertise: Aging and disability, environment and behavior, universal design
Title: Associate Professor
Affiliation: Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access
Areas of Expertise: Model-based data mining for functional data and spatio-temporal data with applications to industrial economics with a focus on service distribution.
Title: Associate Professor
Affiliation: Industrial and Systems Engineering
Areas of Expertise: Public safety communications, wireless communications, systems implementation and integration
Title: Senior Research Engineer
Affiliation: Georgia Tech Research Institute
Areas of Expertise: Wheeled mobility and seating, pressure ulcer prevention and treatment; design of diagnostic tissue interrogation devices; and design of assistive technologies
Title: Professor
Affiliation: School of Industrial Design
Areas of Expertise: Wearable computing
Title: Professor
Affiliation: Interactive Computing
Areas of Expertise: information visualization, data analysis, visual analytics, investigative analysis, HCI
Title: Associate Chair
Affiliation: School of Interactive Computing
Areas of Expertise: Medical informatics, Big data analytics, similarity metric learning, social network analysis, predictive modeling, tensor analysis, visual analytics
Title: Associate Professor
Affiliation: Computational Science and Engineering
Areas of Expertise: Modeling and analysis of problems and algorithms in logistics, transportation and supply chain management
Title: Associate Professor
Affiliation: Industrial and Systems Engineering
Areas of Expertise: Measurable aesthetics, algorithmic architecture, augmented reality, and real-time graphics
Title: Research Scientist II
Affiliation: Digital Building Lab